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In this life, everyone will go through time crisis. A crisis can be a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. However, despite all of these things, Christ can handle any crisis! In John 2:1-11, Jesus and his disciples went to a wedding. While the festivities were in progress, a crisis situation arose. The crisis was that, the wine began to run out! This was indeed a crisis because had they run out of wine, it would have been an embarrassment upon the host and family!

Nevertheless, Mary, the mother of Jesus decides to bring the crisis to the Lord’s attention because she knew that if anyone could do something about the crisis, Christ could! After bringing the crisis to Jesus’ attention, Mary believed and trusted that he would do something about the situation. It is evident because she told the servants, “Whatever he says unto you, do it.” Mary expected a miracle! As a result, Jesus ultimately resolved the problem! A life lesson for each of us from this Bible story is this…
1. Whatever issue we have, we should take it to the Lord.
2. Have faith and believe that the Lord can and will handle the problem.
3. Expect a miracle!

God’s Word declares in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (KJV).” Faith is like having a great expectation that leads to motivation, and ultimately the manifestation of a divine breakthrough concerning your situation! Trust the Lord and know that Christ can handle your crisis!

Jim Sherwood serves as chief creative, brand strategist, lead developer, meticulous project manager, and station collaborator for all Skyrocket Radio sites and projects.

Jim got his start in radio at WLSM in the small town of Louisville, MS in 1988. Since then he has worked on-air in all day parts and has held nearly every other station position at one time or another. Jim has worked for radio stations in several states and for iHeartMedia (Clear Channel Radio), CBS Radio, Cumulus Broadcasting and a few small locally-owned stations. He even hosted a morning show on an aircraft carrier for two years while in the Navy. Jim has a passion for radio history, music, gadgets and all kinds of geeky web stuff.

After 14 years at Clear Channel Radio, Jim left the industry in 2013 to devote full-time attention to his company, Mediagin Creative, a small freelance creative agency that develops WordPress websites as well as produces commercials for radio and TV. After being asked by the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters to speak to a panel of small market station owners about the need for better websites, it became apparent that an easy to use and low-cost solution was needed to assist smaller markets in competing for online ad dollars. Skyrocket Radio was born.

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